vCMO Services (old)

Virtual CMO services are packaged as short-term consulting projects or ongoing managed marketing services and each one corresponds to a layer of the Marketing Pyramid as illustrated in the graphic below. This bundled approach makes it easy to understand all deliverables as well as the time and cost associated with each project or managed service.


Consulting Projects
All consulting projects follow a three-step methodology:

  • Discovery:  Understand your business and gather relevant data
  • Analysis:    Conduct additional online or field research and analyze data
  • Strategy:    Formulate and formalize recommendations in a strategy document

This process is an efficient and consistent way to engage with clients and also provides structure, accountability and concrete deliverables for the project. There is also an optional Execution phase for each project if you wish to include project management for implementation of the strategy in the engagement. Because execution can be an open-ended process, this phase will be separately scoped and proposed as an add-on service to any one of the consulting projects.

The five consulting projects referenced in the graphic are fully described on the Consulting Projects page of this website. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form to ask them.

Marketing Services
In addition to the one-time consulting projects, there are also five ongoing marketing services that are represented in the graphic above. By their nature, these recurring services relate to the Demand Creation and Sales Enablement layers of the Marketing Pyramid.

Marketing services relating to Demand Creation support your ongoing marketing campaigns that build awareness, drive website traffic, grow a social media community or generate qualified sales leads. Services can be dedicated to managing or supporting your inbound marketing programs, outbound marketing programs or for developing authoritative content for either type of campaign.

Marketing services relating to Sales Enablement provide ongoing resource development for your inside/outside or direct/indirect sales teams. Resources can take the form of sales tools, competitive research, marketing materials or other sales enablement resources.

Additionally, there is a service referred to as the Marketing Service Bureau which is a flexible on-demand service that can provide any blend of marketing support for your sales or marketing functions. The five marketing services referenced in the graphic are fully described on the Marketing Services page of this website. If you have any additional questions about them, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form to ask them. You may also be interested in reviewing my Virtual Marketing Needs Assessment form as well.