… I have worked with Dave on most of my successful startups and none of my failed ones. Dave understands all the nuances of marketing and can make a good idea a great product. He has the ability to shape offerings so they target the customer needs, reduce the feature set to only those that make the product sell. Dave is someone I repeatedly turn to when marketing needs arise.
Brad Kemp, CEO and Founder, Beechwoods Software

… Dave quickly grasped what our challenges were and came up with a visionary way to address them. While some of us struggled to grasp the implications of what we were trying to do, Dave confidently pushed us along and helped us create a brand new, holistic approach to our company’s marketing. The platform that Dave helped us initiate has been transformative beyond our original expectations.
Naomi Pierce, Marketing communications manager, web developer, inbound marketing specialist

… Dave would be a valuable member of an executive team at an early, mid or late stage technology company that requires a savvy, senior marketer with a broad and deep operational skillset in product management, marketing communications, channel marketing and public relations. He knows how to bring products, companies and services to market and translate high level corporate strategy into results-driven marketing programs that build market share and drive sales.
John Gates, Principle at Elevate Communications

… our goal was to accelerate the time-to-market for our indirect initiative as well as to base it on proven best practices for engaging the channel. Our high expectations have been met and we are bullish on our potential to build successful partnerships within the channel.
David Matalon, Co-Founder and CEO of External IT

… helped us to accomplish our goals by being part of our team, diving into the details and delivering strategy, content and producing very professional customer and partner facing materials that enable and accelerate the sales process.
JJ Milner, Managing Director of Global Micro

… We strive to enable our resellers to grow significant and sustainable business around Google Apps.  After many years of helping managed service providers build up recurring revenue business, they’re now bringing a great deal of experience to help cloud service providers do the same.
Jeff Ragusa, Google Apps SMB Channel Lead

The depth and detail of the content  has allowed me to hit the ground running. Without it I would be spending additional precious time deciding on how to structure my offerings. With it, the majority of my time can be spent setting up my clients rather than setting up my business.
James Bliss, JBIT

… have really helped us refine our business model and discover new opportunities for increased revenue growth as a Google Apps Reseller.  This has resulted in a better understanding of what our pricing should be and what is required to meet our targets.  Thanks so much for your continued support, looking forward to revolutionizing the IT industry with your help.
Jason Silva, JBBMobile

… In my company’s efforts to become a true “cloud first” solutions provider, it has been a challenge to create profitable recurring revenue, and in a few conference calls, I’ve learned that we’re not the only company struggling with this make or break business problem. . . has provided a solid foundation of market information and tools to help us begin to build the layered products and services approach that the new economy of the cloud demands for business success as a solutions provider.  Transitioning from a technical role to a business owner role hasn’t been easy–the tools are tremendously helpful to me.
Anthony P. Martini, Logicwing
… helps us evaluate, plan, and expand our services with a greater understanding of impact on our costs, our operations, and our bottom line.  Thank you for a great program and the support you provide.
Allen Falcon, CEO Cumulus Global

… has been highly responsive to Google Apps resellers, turning around quickly when challenged by us resellers to come up with new ideas and concepts well suited to what we experience on a daily basis in the field.  You have already surpassed our expectations.
Sylvain Patry, Senior VP, Business Development, Hostpapa Inc.

… In just two conference calls, planted some great seeds about increasing revenue, specifically recurring revenue, my partner and I discussed some quick, easy ways we could re-position our presentations and service offerings so that we could increase our per user annual revenue. We now have offerings that increase our annual residual revenue from $20 to $70 per user.  We’re still learning and adjusting, but you got us thinking and acting in better ways.
Ken Marlin, RTWmobile