Why Virtual Marketing?

To Create Sharp Focus
Have you identified a critical short-term project that needs sharp focus, analytical thinking and cross functional consensus building? I am talking about strategic initiatives like:

  • Analyzing new markets and business opportunities
  • Understanding and guiding your competitive positioning
  • Modeling new pricing strategies that maximize profitability
  • Validating and strengthening your customer value proposition

Taking key contributors away from their daily operational roles to focus on these initiatives can be costly in time and can negatively impact the current business. Virtual CMO is a strategic, dedicated and short-term project resource that will complete your critical business initiatives in a highly professional manner while you seamlessly manage your business.

To Jumpstart Your Company
Are you preparing to launch a new product line, business unit or company? Virtual CMO can handle these elements of your launch plan:

  • Create and execute a complete Go-To-Market plan
  • Develop a channel model and partner recruitment plan
  • Produce compelling marketing collateral and website content
  • Define sales and marketing targets and model future revenue growth

Time-to-market is critical and launching a new business always takes much longer than expected. Virtual CMO can help you compress time and accelerate your new company’s path to revenue.

To Optimize Your Business
No matter what your stage of growth, there is always an opportunity to optimize your business. I am talking about reducing customer acquisition time and cost, maximizing the size and strength of the lead funnel and sales pipeline or streamlining the process and efficiency of your sales channel. Virtual CMO can directly impact your business by:

  • Analyzing the deal economics of your average sales order
  • Developing a model and a baseline for channel partner productivity
  • Calculating the marketing ROI of your lead generation investments
  • Defining your sales process and recommending improvements
  • Determining the key metrics for managing performance and growth

The best way to optimize your business is to gather and model the right data, design the efficiency improvements and implement workable strategies. Virtual CMO can operate as a catalyst for change and an objective resource for achieving the best possible outcome.

To Virtualize Your Resources
The new economy has redefined the way companies are staffing their organizations at all levels, but especially for sales and marketing. The new model calls for effectively outsourcing and virtualizing key resources to better match their cost, skillset and contribution to the evolving needs of the business. Virtual CMO can act as a marketing service bureau that will flexibly and affordably deliver on-demand marketing services based on the changing needs of your business by:

  • Generating authoritative content for marketing programs and materials
  • Defining and managing effective inbound marketing campaigns
  • Defining and managing effective outbound marketing campaigns
  • Providing a marketing service bureau for delivering marketing services on-demand

Virtual marketing can help you reduce cost while at the same time adding an experienced professional resource to your sales and marketing team. Learn more about vCMO Services.