Consulting Projects

vCMO services are packaged in the form of short-term (3-4 weeks) Consulting Projects or ongoing managed Marketing Services.  There are five packaged Consulting Projects that align with the five layers of the Marketing Pyramid and they are described below.

Project #1:  Market Validation
Designed to answer the question:  Is your value proposition truly compelling?

Discovery Phase:
– Review current value prop with company stakeholders
– Determine target market(s) and customer profile
– Collect existing customer evidence/testimonials
– Evaluate online/offline marketing execution
– Assess the competitive environment
Analysis Phase:
– Identify solution gaps or market misalignment
– Refine value proposition to meet new criteria
– Create stawman presentation with proposed messaging
– Present new messaging to target customers and prospects
– Refine and validate messaging in final presentation
Strategy Phase:
– Document findings in executive strategy report
– Present report and new messaging in executive session

Time Estimate:       30-35 hours
Project Duration:    3-4 weeks

Project #2:  Business Model Analysis
Designed to answer the question:  How profitable is your business model?

Discovery Phase:
– Gather input data (average order values, cost data, etc.)
– Discuss and agree on business goals and assumptions
Analysis Phase:
– Create revenue and margin models for business analysis
– Run scenarios based on inputs and assumptions
Strategy Phase:
– Average order revenue & profitability analysis (unit economics)
– 3 year revenue & profitability model (recurring and nonrecurring revenue)
– Pricing and solution bundling proposal
– Business model strategy document

Time Estimate:       30-35 hours
Project Duration:    3-4 weeks

Project #3:  Go-To-Market Planning
Designed to answer the question:  How focused is your Go-To-Market Strategy?

Discovery Phase:
– Review product or service status
– Review existing channel model
– Determine GTM plan goals and objectives
Analysis Phase:
– Assess readiness and perform gap analysis
– Create/revise channel model
– Develop Go-To-Market plan
Strategy Phase:
– Deliver revised channel model
– Present Go-To-Market plan

Time Estimate:       30-35 hours
Project Duration:    3-4 weeks

Project #4:  Demand Creation Campaigns
Designed to answer the question:  Are you consistently fueling the business?

Discovery Phase:
– Review current campaigns with stakeholders
– Collect campaign cost and performance data
– Discuss and agree on future cost/performance targets
Analysis Phase:
– Assess the best mix of inbound/outbound strategies
– Develop integrated campaign and resource plan
Strategy Phase:
– Present a recommended demand creation plan
– Deliver a budget, resource plan and timeline
– Finalize all cost and performance targets

Time Estimate:       30-35 hours
Project Duration:    3-4 weeks

Project #5:  Sales Enablement Resources
Designed to answer the question:  Are you predictably growing top-line revenue?

Discovery Phase:
– Review and document current sales process
– Inventory current sales tools and materials
– Assess current partner program with stakeholders
– Determine realistic channel productivity targets
Analysis Phase:
– Refine and streamline the sales process
– Determine gaps in sales resources or partner program
– Develop a sales channel/partner productivity model
Strategy Phase:
– Formalize the revised sales process and metrics
– Delver the channel productivity model
– Deliver sales resource plan to fill gaps

Time Estimate:       30-35 hours
Project Duration:    3-4 weeks

If you would like additional information about any of the above services please use the Contact form to ask a question or to schedule a free no-obligation consultation meeting.