• How to Convert More Leads into Sales-Ready Opportunities

    Customer development transforms a digital customer experience into a personal relationship with your brand. This requires a different mindset from digital marketing and a dedicated function for outreach, engagement, education and qualification.

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  • What is Your Biggest Digital Marketing Challenge?

    Every technology business has an digital marketing strategy. Some are simple, others are advanced. At one time or another, we all struggle with many of these fundamental challenges:

    1. Driving more traffic to the website
    2. Generating more leads for the sales funnel
    3. Qualifying better leads for the sales team

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  • Performance Metrics for Your Marketing RADAR Screen

    What key performance metrics are on your inbound marketing RADAR screen? I find that visualizing them in this way helps to simplify the question of how to analyze the overall effectiveness of your inbound marketing initiatives. Are they helping your business to grow … or not. Here is essential the data you...

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  • How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your High Tech Website

    As the saying goes… What if you threw a party and nobody came?  Launching a new website for a high-tech startup that generates low traffic is kind of like that. If you are investing valuable time and resources into designing or re-designing a website for your emerging technology company, then be sure to follow these...

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  • The Secret to High Performance Channel Partner Productivity

    If you are a technology vendor that relies on channel partners for a sizeable percentage of your revenue, then partner productivity is the single most important factor affecting the growth of your business. Unfortunately, the dynamics of the marketplace make it difficult for channel partners to stay focused on...

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  • A Look Under the Hood of a Digital Marketing Engine

    We are all familiar with the legacy model of sales and marketing. An expensive outside sales rep with a rolex and a rolodex promises to waltz you into every blue chip account you can imagine. But the deals are few and far between. Or… You attend trade show after trade...

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  • A Marketing Primer for Emerging Technology Companies

    What’s the hardest part of launching a cloud services startup? Developing new technology is challenging, but it’s a process you can control. Securing investment capital takes hard work and perseverance, but there are plenty of investors ready to fund a promising business. Without a doubt, the hardest part of...

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  • Quality Content is the Secret Sauce in Your Social Media Recipe

    By now, marketers pretty much agree that social media should be incorporated into the traditional B2B marketing mix. And most of us agree that inbound marketing – an integrated, managed and extended implementation of social media marketing – represents a new and more effective way to generate sales leads...

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