My name is Dave Zwicker and I am the Virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). My concept for a Virtual CMO service was inspired by the emergence of Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) services in the managed IT services arena. A Virtual CIO elevates the support services provided by IT Service Providers to a strategic level by advising clients on the most effective use of technology given the overwhelming complexity of the space. More importantly, a Virtual CIO helps their clients leverage emerging technology to its full potential as a resource that directly impacts the business by increasing efficiency and enabling more profitable, scalable growth. The vCIO has become a very strategic resource that businesses are now utilizing for a fraction of the cost of a full time, on-staff CIO.

The Virtual CMO concept is the same.

For most people, marketing has always been something of a misunderstood and mysterious art form. After all, what is the proper role of marketing? Is it to…

  • Define products and services as solutions that address unmet customer needs?
  • Identify the most efficient channel to reach the most lucrative market segment?
  • Enable the success of that channel with sales resources and methodologies?
  • Build a brand and generate demand for the solutions that have been developed?
  • Measure, monitor and manage marketing to optimize the return on investment ?

Of course, the answer to all of the above is a resounding “yes”! And so just like the technology world, marketing has its own form of overwhelming complexity.

Having been a Chief Marketing Officer or Vice President of Marketing for a number of firms over the years, I decided to apply the vCIO principle to the world of marketing – Enter the vCMO. In doing so, I also wanted to demystify the role of marketing with some much-needed structure and organization so that my clients can clearly see how marketing can directly impact their business in a positive way.

I did this in two ways …

First, I created a “marketecture” to explain how I approach the multiple dimensions of marketing (as described in the bullets above). I call it the Marketing Pyramid as it graphically illustrates the principle ways that marketing is involved in the business using a layered hierarchy and explains how the layers of the pyramid must be closely aligned to maximize business impact.

Second, I bundled my vCMO Services in a very precise way so that my clients can easily understand “what problem am I solving” and “what deliverables, timeframe and cost” are required to solve that problem. As you will see, some of these services are in the form of short-term consulting projects while others are in the form of ongoing managed marketing services.

If you would like to discuss any of these concepts in more detail, please fill out the contact form and we can schedule some time together. You can read my bio here. You can also read some testimonials from a small sample of many successful client engagements.